I'm excited to have you reading this and I hope that we will all be Growing Merrily together.

I'm Mama Tan, aka The Growing Mum, in this little online corner.  Totally in love and married to my dream guy.

Family! We welcomed Sweet Butterfly, in the wee hours, on a silent night in year 2013.  Her first loud wailing in that silent room still linger sweetly in my ear. And it continued even at home.

Being a full time working mum, I work hard to balance family and work.  Praise God for blessing me with the strength to juggle my multiple roles.  Together with my hubby, we aim to raise Sweet Butterfly in a family filled with love and joy.

We are all growing in HIS hands.  In a flash, Sweet Butterfly is now 2 yrs old.  Oh mine, she had grown so fast.  And she isn't the only one growing.  I'd learnt (and am still learning) the ropes of being a good mum, role model, teacher (and so much more).  Sweet Butterfly motivates me to stay up late to read and learn.  Hence the name 'The Growing Mum'.

I happily took on the Teacher role when Sweet Butterfly was just 1 month old.  Or rather I declared myself as one.

I spent lots of effort in our learning journey.  Loads of researching, reading, exploring and learning.  Our learning adventures were inspired by many various sources.  I’m sharing all these, in hope that you will be able to find some fun learning activities and resources for your little one.  Once awhile, I will share good educational tools or toys that I found.

On a separate note, after 2 yrs, our learning adventures started to blur in my busy mind.  It's time to photograph and document them.  The best way:  Blog it!

Using it!
Feel free to use or adapt any ideas you find on this blog.  If the ideas inspire you, I'd love for you to drop a comment or link back to Growing Merrily.  Having said that, do seek permissions if you would like to use any photos. This would be very much appreciated.

Contact me!
I love to connect with my readers.  Drop me an email to tell me more about yourself, your child/children and the printables you would like to see on Growing Merrily.  No promises here.  But as much as possible, I’d love to meet your requests.
No worries about missing out on the fun we are having.  What's more?  I'm sending all Subscribers a FREE ABC Maths printable.  So, go grab your SUBSCRIBER FREEBIE (see side bar).  Join us as we grow.

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