Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Science Experiment – Exploring Ice

~ @3 yrs and 6 months ~
Backdated post for Sep 2014

Me: Shall we do a science experiment?
Sweet Butterfly: What is science experiment? (trying to pronounce these words)
Me: We just play with ice and observe what happens.
Sweet Butterfly: Ohhh…OK!!! (Super dee duper excited)
I poured water into 2 bowls.  One with room temperature and one with hot water.  I cautioned her against touching the hot water.  However, I did allow her to touch the bowl gently so that she could appreciate the difference in temperature. 
Before adding the ice I asked her 2 questions:
1) What happens when ice is mixed with water?
2) Does ice melt faster in hot water or room temperature water? 

These questions were asked in an encouraging manner, encouraging her to make a guess.  She promptly answered, “I don’t know.”  She couldn’t wait to play with ice.  I didn’t push further as I wanted her to love this new activity, Science Experiment. 
I added ice into the 2 bowls

We waited and got our answers.  By using an experiment, it was so much easier to explain why ice melts faster in hot water.  We also observed that when the ice melted, the hot water was no longer hot.

My sole objective of this experiment was just to show that ice melt faster in hot water.  So, it was free play after we got our answers.  I gave her a plate of ice and a tongs.  She practiced transferring the ice into the bowls of water.

We used some empty cups too.  Because the cups were empty, she observed that when the ice melted, it got smaller and there were water in the cup.  She learnt that ice changes state, from solid to liquid, when it melts.

Her cheeky face

She asked to try with oil. When the ice melted, it gave me a chance to explain about density.

We did a batch of super soft playdough (with corn flour and hair conditioner).  She asked to add them into the bowls

The water became a little soapy.

After that, there were lots of transferring.

I’m pleasantly surprised that she could learn so much in a simple activity.  What she learnt:
1) Ice melts faster in hot water.
2) Ice melts slower when it is not mixed with any water.
3) Ice melts faster when you stir it.
4) Hot water will turn cold when the ice melts.
5) Ice changes state when it melts.
6) Oil floats on ice as its density is lower.
While we were having fun, Busy Bee was in his rocker happily watching us.

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