Tuesday, 7 October 2014

A long break...

See that tiny feet?  This the reason for my long break.

Introducing Busy Bee.  He is keeping me busy 24hr and 7 days a week.

It wasn’t an easy journey since the blue stick showed a ‘plus’ sign.  We were ecstatic but soon I was too overwhelmed by the morning sickness.  All I wanted to do was rest and stop vomiting.  There were no more late nights for me.  I'm sorry to those who had subscribed and did not receive the ABC Maths Printables.  I doing a catch up.
It was so bad that I couldn't complete the lessons which I had planned for Sweet Butterfly.  Eventually, Tot School was put on hold.  We still played intentionally whenever I had the energy.  But I didn’t manage to prepared printables for Sweet Butterfly.
Cooking was one of the many things we did when I was pregnant.  This satisfied my cravings.  Here are what we did.
Banana Chocolate Cake
Cinnamon Rolls

Butter cookies

Oreo Cheesecake
I'm pleasantly surprised that my blog continued to have visitors despite my disappearance.  A big thanks to those who had stick around. 
I'd ‘back dated’ some of the blog entries and will continue to do so.  These entries served to record the activities I'd done with Sweet Butterfly during this break.  It is mainly for my memories.  And of course, we will be having Baby School.  Here’s a sneak preview.

I’m having a hard time balancing the many things on hand.  Am praying hard that things will eventually fit in.  Trying my best to preserve my learning journey with Sweet Butterfly and Busy Bee on this blog.  They will read this one day.
Mama loves you both!


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