Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Spielgaben – My greatest buy for Tot School

I'm bursting with exciting.  I want to tell the whole world this: "I bought Spielgaben!"  I would love to take photos of my box and share on Growing Merrily.  But my box is still in the making.  So while I wait ‘patiently’ for the box to arrive, here are some pictures of Spielgaben from around the whole (credits given). 
The complete set.  This is Version 1. I’ll be getting Version 2.
Spielgaben<Photo from:>

For the whole of August, I'd seen my favourite blogs writing reviews on it.  There was this review from Picklebums,
picklebums<Photo from:  Click on the picture to see the full review.>

And this from Teach Preschool,
teach preschool<Photo from:  Click on the picture to see the full review.>

More reviews on Learn with Play at Home,
Learn with play at home<Photo from: Click on the picture to see the full review.>

And 1+1+1=1.1 1 1
<Photo from:  Click on the picture to see the full review.>

Basically, I had an overdose of Spielgaben reviews.  It was so bad that I spent a couple of hours googling if Spielgaben is available in Singapore.  I even considered shipping it directly from Australia.  Eventually I tried to forget about Spielgaben.

But it was hard, real hard.  How can I forget about Spielgaben when Learning4kids described it so aptly?
learning4kids<Photo from:  Click on the picture to see the full review.>

My facebook is filled with posts announcing the number of slots left for pre-orders.  I dismissed them as I thought they were only for UK and US market.

One fine day, I decided to Google 'Spielgaben Singapore' (again).  I found the campaign for pre-orders.  They are shipping to Singapore free!  There were 3 slots left.  I ordered the box immediately.   I could have kicked myself if  I missed this pre-orders.

Now that I'd bought the box, my mind is swimming with endless learn and play activities.  Should I use this when we do the Bible themed 'Creations'?

How about this for a farm theme?

When can we do a weather theme?

Maths could be fun too.

So would learning about human body or Letter X for X-ray.

I can visualize Sweet Butterfly doing a creativity artwork using the manipulatives.  Maybe something like this?

This is for me.  Should I print out all the 700+ pages of learning materials and teaching resources?  Spielgaben training materials
<Photo from:  Click on the picture to see the full review.>

I'm so ready to use the Spielgaben in our Tot School that I created a Pinterest Board just for it.  Now, it is mainly re-pins from Spielgaben.  Eventually, it will capture our learning activities using Spielgaben.

If you are interested to see how everyone is using this amazing box, follow Spielgaben Pinterest, like what I did.


Disclaimer: I'm not paid to write this post nor compensated in anyway.  In short, I paid for my box.  I just want to share all good things with my readers.  There are manyreviews on Spielgaben.  Those reviews listed here are by no means an indication that these are the best reviews.  I recommend you to check out for more reviews and a better understanding of their product.  As I have not receive my box, I’m unable to share photos on how we use Spielgaben.  In preparation, I’d pinned interesting teaching ideas.  Hence, the use of pinterest images in this post.

I planned to schedule this post for the weekend.  But after receiving an email from Spielgaben on how they intend to improve their extensive learning materials, I figured out today is the best day to publish this post.  If you are interested in getting this amazing wooden box filled with 13 great wooden manipulatives, Pre-Orders are still available.  For another 66 hours!  Grab yours at

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Ahhh, I missed this by nearly a year! I just found out about Spielgaben yesterday and I love it!! But I too am in Singapore. Where did you find this campaign for pre-orders to Singapore??? Thanks in advance!

The Growing Mum @ Growing Merrily

Hi Robin,

The pre-orders are over. You can get it from the official website. These are really great stuffs!

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